Shruti Shinde

    Shruti Shinde who is working in the field of YOGA & FITNESS, started career at age of 8 years. She has taken Education of YOGA & FITNESS from well known Fitness Trainer Mr. PRAVIN BANDKAR, Director of SUHASINI BEAUTY HEALTH. She is working as Fitness Trainer in Suhasini Beauty Health from last 7 years. Additionally she is acting as Corporate Fitness Trainer, Fitness Management & Aerobic Instructor, Personal Training, and so on...



    Shruti Shinde is one of the Yoga Expert, who performs Yoga on Ice and She has been awarded as MAHARASHTRA CHI BALYOGINI and THANE YOG RATNA awards. She is performing in TV serials and Electronic Media to spread YOGA Worldwide. The Main Objective of mine is to increase popularity & Practice of Yoga by establishing Yoga Training Centers and sessions all over India. I helps schools for children of special needs, Orphanages, Old age homes, Remand Homes, Jails & Rehabilitation Centers etc. in starting yoga training and exercise sessions also.

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April 12,2019
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January 19,2019
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